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I Palindrome I

I'm not dead.

And I'm writing.

Perhaps I have found the cure, after all.

The Sequal to 'A Starless Sky', 'Shooting Stars', is in progress.

Oh, for fuck's sake.

You've been throwing this tantrum because last weekend you DEMANDED I drink, and once I was drunk I asked why you were being mean to the guys all the sudden?

I so don't fucking understand.

And I don't think you want me to.

Is this how guys feel, arguing with girls? Like no fight ever actually finishes, it just goes on hold for a while? Then bites you in the ass? We were chill Friday morning. We hardly saw each other until dinner, when you hated me.

Poisoned Cupcakes

Title: Poisoned Cupcakes
Actually, I do own them. Sweet!
Rating: R (Implied Rape, Assault)
Word Count: 1400
Verse: Fucked Up Fairy Tales
Story Note: As part of the Augno That Never Was, I scattered unrelated reimaginings of fairy tales. They weren't so much contributions to the story as forays into the part of my mind that has a Doberman and a very large freezer.

Summary: Snow White takes a turn for the worse.

Once Upon A TimeCollapse )

You bastards.

You know how I was soooooo excited about getting my own room?

They're moving in bunkbeds. Into this teeny tiny room. With one closet, that has to be locked at all times. Fuckers.

Sword of Damocles

THAT friend.

You know the one. The one no one else can STAND, and they only talk to her cause she's hanging out with you and they're your friend, so you feel all guilty for making them sit with her? And she's an ultra huge bitch, because she knows you won't say anything? Yeah. 

Got the feeling someone's gonna be cutting the thread.

At home on leave, and trying to get back into the swing of having a normal life. I'm trying to start writing again (New BF has discovered we both like sitting silently in the coffee shop for 3-6 hours). Have been reading __marcelo , and feel very inspired. And more than a little frightened. He makes me want my teddy bear and a high powered rifle.

LJ? What's that?

Sorry, party animals. Pip's been Red Tagged for the past... however long she's been here. But! She is lurking her way through Augno, trying desperately to get back into shape, and has her fingers crossed for a room of her own in the near future. (Crazy roommate is crazy, and possibly on drugs.)

RATs buddies, I will try to get back with you in September. RW conspires to keep me from writing, but I shall overcome it!


Emotionally Hung Over

Happy JulNo KickOff, everyone.

So, about two weeks ago, My laptop got broken. And while there is still a possibility of file recovery, as JulNo starts I am sans reference files, icons, music, writing programs, two novels, a movie script, and AugNo08.

I feel naked.

Did you ever play this game?

+ My Alphsmart is in the mail

-It won't be here till next weekend

- - If the asshats in the mailroom can get their shit together, which isn't likely.

+I've decided to SolMo June, take a half-count goal for JulNo, and beat Augno into submission while I'm on leave/T-Track.

-This is REALLY gonna hurt.

+I'm going back on my diet!

-I'm going back on my diet.

+I'm buying plane tickets today, so I can go home for Memorial weekend!

++Hunter has leave that weekend, and will also be home!

+I can start watch quals this weekend

-I have to start watch quals this weekend.